A Primal Bride

Things are changing and guess who is engaged?! Me!

I want to enter my new life with a healthy head on my shoulders as well as a healthy lifestyle.

Each day will be a challenge but if I try, loads of awesomeness will happen.

So read along, comment, leave me fun messages, as I find my way to a healthier me.
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I hope this news isn’t news to you as I think everyone I know knows…

If you don’t know… well I’M ENGAGED…. seriously though, you should already know…just saying.

What does this all mean? It means I have a man who wants to be my husband and it is time to plan for a wedding! Yes… I am already stressed out and am trying really hard to go with the flow and enjoy this… but it is hard for some weird reason. Maybe it is my personality…. it probably is.

Along with the stressful planning, comes THE DRESS! The dress that 90% of girls dream about for their wedding day. THE DRESS that can make or break a wedding day. THE DRESS that every girl wants to fit into.

So here we are and here we go… it is time to get into shape to fit into THAT DRESS! I am going to change it up and try to incorporate a lot of running, crossfit, indoor fun, and something else…. I am letting go of trying to be one thing or another…. I am just going to be me and going to be the best me… I think it is the only way for me.

So follow me… enjoy… lets get this party started and Operation Wedding Dress has begun!

Things have changed and it’s been awhile since I have been here… I will be back soon… This time following my fitness goals and wedding planning!!

More to come… Promise

Tune of the Day:

You’re Gonna Miss Me by Lulu and The Lampshades or Cups on Pitch Perfect Soundtrack, performed by Anna Kendrick

Dish of the Day:

Paleo Chicken Tikka Masala (Found on MarksDailyApple.com) 




Exercise: Front Squat/lbs
Reps: 90% x 1
Comment: E3M(they do one set every three minutes) Work up to 85%x2, 90%x1, 85%x2. 90×1, 85% x 2


Five rounds for time of:
155/105 pound Double Overhand Fat Bar Deadlift, 12 reps
145/95 pound Stone 2 Shoulder, 6 reps
155/105 pound Rack Jerk 3 reps

Result Type: Time
Male Rx: 0 lbs
Female Rx: 0 lbs

Spring is here! I probably will say this everyday until Summer comes around but until I wake up, without feeling like I am a frozen popsicle, I am going to say it! I love Spring… I do… just the newness of everything makes me smile. 

The Whole Life Challenge is coming to an end but that just means the beginning of the rest. I will still continue to keep the paleo lifestyle as well as keep a fairly clean / whole food diet. I have fallen in love with some new blogs (not new to the world but new to me) and have been trying out new recipes. 

Check them out:

  • Paleomg.com (love her treats and humor!) 
  • Bodeefit.com (Brand new to me but will let you know later how it is). 
  • primalpalate.com (I use their cookbook Make It Paleo allllllll the time and can not… I mean it… CAN NOT…. wait for their new one, Gather). 
  • paleoista.com (Love her book Paleoista) 
  • nomnompaleo.com (I have been using their app for my ipad… its the prettiest app ever)

I also love the cookbooks Practical Paleo and Well Fed (amazon carries both). If you want great information (not just a cookbook) look up It Starts With Food or The Primal Blueprint. I have read both (rereading It Starts With Food now..) 

The Paleo community just is fabulous online and I am slowly discovering them all. A good friend of mine and I are determined to go to the PaleoFx next year! 

So I have a question and answer if you want… I have mentioned juicing before and now am also following this 30 day smoothie challenge… what are your thoughts? I am including a juice or a smoothie as a snack / meal replacement (I can’t eat a lot before working out, so its perfect). Then I read with one Paleo site / book that I should just eat my fruits / veggies vs juicing. Now I am not completely replacing my food but just having it as an addition or just something small so I can have food in me before working out. What do you think? It is worth it if it isn’t my meal replacement totally or just let it go and continue eating well. I don’t know and still debating. I am sure its really what works before for me, but I am curious your thoughts. 

Well I am off to fold laundry, make my smoothie, and relax. Oh and before I forget, if you have a garmin watch that works but you really are hoping for a new one…. go to (click on picture)


It is for a great cause, Girls on the Run, and you get money back! :) 

Happy Wednesday and stay clean! 


A new follower is always greatly appreciated!www.readytogetfit1.tumblr.com


A new follower is always greatly appreciated!



Tune of the Day: 

All My Days by Alexi Murdock

Movie of the Day:

The Incredibles

(Yesterday’s) Workout:

Tabata Sit Ups and Push Ups; 10 minutes of Handstands; 200 air squats

(Yesterday’s) Dish of the Day:

Mussels in White Wine Sauce, Lemon Garlic Shrimp w/ Veggies, and Steamed Alaskan Crab Legs

Well as you may already have noticed or can tell, I am on vacation! I am down here in Oak Island, just relaxing, and hoping for the sun to come out. The sun has made an appearance at least once a day so far, but today we may not be so lucky. Either way, I am glad to be down here and away from just regular every day things. 

Of course with vacation usually brings along bad eating. Lucas and I are trying very hard to keep up with eating as well as possible but who can resist a little bit of wine with dinner or just some apple pie for dessert? After all, I did do 200 air squats! 

Lets first discuss my dinner. It was HUGE! We decided to go all out on the seafood it seems as I wanted one thing and Lucas wanted another and then we didn’t know how filled we would be after that and decided to add a third dish. What were we thinking?! 

Our first dish… Mussels in White Wine Sauce

I had been craving Mussels for some time now (don’t ask why) and Lucas was kind enough to indulge me. We first had to start off with cleaning the Mussels and make sure we had lives ones. 


Lucas’ hands were too cold for me after this! Brrrr! Apparently the ice cold water with ice will help loosen up the dirt on the shells as well as close up any Mussels that were slightly open (this also shows you that they are still alive). After they were cleaned, we added them to a white wine sauce that was already boiling on the stove top and let them cook for a few.


Yum! Next we made the Lemon and Garlic Shrimp w/ Veggies. We had red and green peppers along with asparagus in the mixture. I, of course, go the awesome job of peeling 2lbs of shrimp, while Lucas cooked up the veggies (SO HOT… the veggies that is.. :) ).


 After the veggies were cooked up, we cooked up the Shrimp with some stock and lemon juice and then mixed it all together! Very yummy and still have some left overs!

We then steamed up some crab legs! I love crabs so much. I wonder if this officially makes me a Maryland gal…. perhaps! 


So that was our entire meal menu and of course we had some wine (left over from cooking) and just enjoyed the cool spring night!


After dinner, we took our time cleaning up and decided to crash on the couch to watch The Incredibles. I think its one of the better Pixar films that the whole family can enjoy. 

Today… well today we are resting, enjoying the massive amount of rain, and making Pork Chops for dinner (a mustard glazed recipe). Nothing completely exciting there. Nothing like the seafood feast we had last night. I hope tomorrow we get out a little more and enjoy the sun (though it is supposed to be windy) as well as get out for dinner. Not many paleo / primal restaurants around here but with the seafood being delicious and served everywhere, I am sure we can make do. 

Ill try to post again before we leave!! 

Movie of the Day:

The Da Vinci Code (not great but its still kind of fun)

Exercise: Snatch/lbs
Reps: Work to a Heavy Single
Comment: then, 80%x1x5

8 min AMRAP
Row 250m
10 KBS 1.5/1 pood
10 Hand Release Push-Ups

Result Type: AMRAP
Male Rx: 1.5 pood
Female Rx: 1 pood

Dish of the Day: Balsamic Mustard Chicken w/ Roast Veggies

Its been a few days since I have been here last and not much honestly has happened. I experienced my first sports massage and learned a few issues with my body that I didn’t know I had issues with. Apparently my legs (I am going to stick with the whole thing) turn inwards due to my birthing hips (damn you birthing hips…damn you) when I am resting, which in turn may be creating a strain on my legs while running since my legs actually turn back to a normal position during. Go figure… I have bad legs when resting but great ones when not…. only me… only me…

Lucas and I did do the 13.2 workout this week (5 shoulder to overhead, 10 deadlifts, and 15 box jumps) and I don’t know if we killed it or if it killed us. A tough workout if you aren’t great at box jumps, which I am not. The shoulder to overhead for women’s should have weighed 75lbs but I modified it to 60lbs. My hamstrings were screaming after the workout and my plantar flared up thanks to the box jumps. I do not regret going and doing this workout but boy did it really do me in. I got a total of four rounds and still am damn proud of that.

Then we went into our normal weekend and ended it with a rather fun party at my best friend’s house for St. Patrick’s Day. Good food, loads of awesome sugary items, and good people. I even got to try out some beers that were home brewed by two of my awesome male friends! Go them!!

The weekend ended with Lucas and I completely tired and ready for the new week to already be over. We are heading out of town on Thursday night or Friday morning for a few days and it will be wonderful to just get away.

Today’s workout at the box wasn’t bad at all and I made my goal of finishing 3 rounds and also getting a new PR on my snatches. That is all I wanted. Dinner tonight will be simple and easy and laundry is already working its way to being finished. So overall a good Monday.

Oh I rejoined twitter…. PaleoNene…. add me on there!

Tomorrow I have a job interview *fingers crossed* and then Wednesday a hair cut (no idea what to do) and then vacation!!! So close…

Well this was an extremely boring entry but I just wanted to drop in and let you know what is going on…. time to stretch out a few tight areas on my body and fold my laundry…. until later!

(I did not take this photo, nor am I claiming it to be mine. I think its a fabulous photo of fabulous women)

Tune of the day:

Try by Pink (I am obsessed with her newest album)


I will not be attending CrossFit today to give my body a rest but will go for a 30 minute run / walk later after running errands and maybe a little lunch

Dish of the Day:

For Lucas —-> Salmon w/ Asparagus, Onions, and Mushrooms

For me ——> No clue!!!!

Today the 13.2 workout for The CrossFit Open will be announced. I, personally, am not participating in the opens itself but I am watching other awesome athletes work through the workouts. So far the first workout proved to be a bit of insanity and I have a feeling it will not be getting any less insane as the games go forward.

CrossFit…. there is something about Crossfit that makes me happy inside as well as want to die (usually after a great workout). Many people will tell me the reason for any of my pains is due to CrossFit as they think CrossFit will break me and others will tell me CrossFit will fix me. Which is it? Well for me… CrossFit is fixing me. I feel so much stronger and more confident. I see my body transforming ever so slowly, but its transforming. Lucas’ body has transformed even in the little time he has been there!

Do I recommend CrossFit for everyone… I don’t know. I want to say yes and I do I believe everyone should at least give it one trial class (hopefully the box near you offers a free trial class). I just don’t think everyone is in the right mind set for CrossFit as some people aren’t in the right mind set to run or to even lose weight. You have to want to change your life in your heart and in your brain for CrossFit to be effective. I am sure that is true about any type of intense workout, but for me CrossFit requires that extra little something inside you. Its not as scary once started but you need to be willing to let go and trust that the workout will not kill you.

If you want to try it but don’t know if you should, at least consider doing the trial class or even the foundations course (not sure if every box calls it that… its the class you have to take before doing the regular WOD Group Classes). See if it works for you! I believe in it and if you are mentally there, it will work for you.

There is something about CrossFit that has taught me a lot more than just the movements in class and I love it! Well I am going to leave you with a pretty picture of my dinner last night and go get ready to run errands and figure out what I want for dinner for myself. Bye!



Left my protein shake at home this morning!! #protein #shake #fit #fitspo #leangains #paleo #gym #dumbells #barbell #muscle #aesthetic by locarblife http://instagr.am/p/Wy0RewtB37/

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